Who are we?

The Ron Vardi Lab is a FabLAb space for 3D creation. Its purpose is to provide tools and advanced skills that will serve the students in their future work and research work. The lab enables the unique combination of mind and hands, mixing traditional handworks and advanced technologies, connecting planning, building, and producing. The advanced technological equipment is an important high thinking tool that takes the students and instructors through a joint process of innovation.

The lab was initiate by Yadidyah Vardi together with the contribution of Uri Eizen out of the understanding that the school must integrate the aspect of innovation and activity, and out of the wish to produce graduates who understand the spirit of the era and are aware of the technological possibilities as well as the opportunities it entails.

The lab is a part of an international network led by the MIT University’s Center for Bits and Atoms and is used as a city resource center for courses and conferences of students, teaching staff, and families. The lab activity takes place during all hours of the day for the center students and the wider audience. As a part of the Maker-culture of sharing, the purpose of the lab is to be used as a communal technological spotlight. The lab is run by Adi Riter, maker and creating artist, Bezalel graduate, together with Zvia Shmul and Yadidyah Vardi.

What is studied in the lab?

The Maker Lab is active during all hours of the day. All school students, of all ages, take part in its activity. In the 3rd grade, the students use the working tools and the digital tools as well as create in 3D. In the 4th grade, the students deepen their knowledge by switching from 2D to 3D, and in the 5th and 6th grade, the students plan and build and at the end of the semester present the outcome of the project they worked on all semester long. For the middle school classes, the students work in collaboration with the national science museum Madatek and HP indigo thus exposing the use in the industry, science, and arts. In addition, the middle school students use the lab for benefit of the kindergarten children, retirement home residence, and other communal entities.

Lab staff: Eran Arski, Adi Riter, Slava Kaminski, Tomer Askenazi, Zvia Shmul, Yadidyah Vardi.

Workshops and conferences

FabLab laboratory is operated by the best professionals in technological design and technological education. Our team is rich in knowledge and daily experience in working on prototypes, Tinkering, education towards makering, productivity in the new age, and more. We love sharing and transmitting our knowledge and experience and for that purpose, we organize lectures and workshops designated for professionals, kindergarten children, and school teachers, as well as students of all ages. The workshops and conferences provide information and understanding of the makering, experimenting in product design, and using the advanced technologies that exist in the lab. We invite you to contact us in order to schedule a workshop or conference tailored to your needs.

FabLab Life

As a part of the Makering lessons, 4th class gifted students participated in the soft material workshop. In the workshop, the students learned to coil, sew, and experiment in working with different types of fabrics such as acrylan and ribbons. Next, the students participate in a carton workshop in which they learn to create and sculpt in 3D as well as sculpturing and crafting in wood.

Outdoor activities for families

Have you ever wondered how the 3D printing started? Always wanted to try laser cutting? You have an idea but nowhere to build it?


The Ron Vardi 3D lab enables hosting a variety of activities, from single meetings to long multiple-session courses. During these activities, the participants (parents and children, families) learn the fundamentals of design and manufacturing of the 3D world and go through a process of turning an idea into a refined product, while experimenting in a variety of softwares and machinery.

As a part of our outdoor activities, we will explain and transmit to you, in the spirit of Makers, the knowledge we have accumulated. We invite you to contact us regarding an experiment, meeting, or workshop.

For additional information please email our lab director Adi Riter.



Laser cutter

Machine for cutting and engraving of wood and plastic. Using the laser we are able to cut 2D pieces of wood and connect them together into 3D pieces.

3D printers

3D printers: in our lab, we have 23 printers of different types: Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 3, and Delta. The 3D printers enable creating the 3D models directly from the computer.

The 3D printers form a model made of different polymers, later by layer, until the final product is received.

מדפסת תלת ממד בית ספר רון ורדי

Sewing machine

Digital sowing machine with a direct connection to a computer with a variety of working possibilities such as:

Built-in seams (690), types of single-step loops, possibility to create unlimited patterns, seam width 9 mm

Pedal built into the machine. Built-in graphic panel for drawing embroidery patterns.

מכונת תפירה דיגיטלית בית ספר רון ורדי


Plotter: A machine for cutting large stickers and large sketches. In the lab, we have a Graftech 60 cm wide cutting plotter. Excellent for cutting vinyl, flakes, and flexes.

Easily sketches large sketches such as architectural sketches, illustrations, and more.

פלוטר מעבדה דיגיטלית רון ורדי

For additional information please email our lab director Adi Riter.