Our achievements and cooperations

The working method at the center encourages creation out of the will to learn and the students’ involvement. We do not believe in homework or examinations however we do believe in setting out goals. We encourage our students to believe in their abilities, develop an entrepreneurial spirit, and take an active role in the community. We are proud of our students’ hard work and the wonderful achievements they have obtained. As part of the search for collaborations and networks, we initiate participation in events and competitions that will bring students together with other gifted and outstanding students from all around the country and the world, and also give a stage to their talents.

Robotics team

Year after year, our school team led by Meital Dumbel wins the world champions in robotics RBOCUP. This year, the competition took place in Australia, and again the students of Ron Vadi picked up the medals: First Prize in the Team Individual category, and first place in the Team Individual as well as First Place in the soccer team in the Super Team category.

"Young Entrepreneurs”

On Tuesday, the students of the “Young Entrepreneurs”, as a part of the “Mind Discovery” program, to the national fair and will compete for the chance to represent Israel at an international fair which will take place in Europe. The students established the “Up Top” company, and throughout the entire year, they developed, marketed, and sold the product as well as created business collaborations. The product developed by the company is called “Scoop” and it holds the shoelaces and prevents them from untying. After being elected from the regional competition which took place at the end of the previous school year, the students invested large efforts into establishing their company and creating business collaborations and successes. Among others, the students created successful collaborations with the Maccabi Rishon LaZion basketball club as well as the Beitar Jerusalem soccer club!

Students creating protective equipment for hospitals

Adi Porat and Tal Segev, Ron Vardi students, were hosted on Avri Gilad’s morning show on channel 13 and explained about their impressive project, the fruit of their initiation, for creating protective equipment for hospitals using 3D printers at the Ron Vardi Center. According to them “we heard about the lack of masks for doctors and nurses at hospitals and saw we were able to help. Using our 3D printers, with reinforcement from the Ron Center we create protective masks. Already today 20 of them were sent out to hospitals!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-s4aM9mYX8&t=2s

Gifted stage project

The gifted stage is a national flag project of the Gifted and Excellence Division of the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the national theater, HaBima. During this process, the students participate in two seminars at the Habima theater. One seminar is made of theater workshops while during the second they present an original play featuring the students on stage. The working process on the play is a part of the yearly theater course at “Giluy Daat”, hosted by Moran Lacks-Carmi, a stage director, graduate of the Department of Theater at Tel Aviv University and an MA graduate in education. The play is an original work of the students - the writing, the design, the directing, and of course the acting. This is the second year that the Ron Vardi Center participates in this special program and receive acclimations for the process the students go through.

Ecoplant wins third place

On June 7, a competition was held as part of the “Osim Asakim” (making business) project of the Israel Young Entrepreneurs Association, in which groups of youth from various schools establish a company, develop a product, produce and market it. Led by Nir Kaplan, Daniel Birnbaum, Daniel Arad, and Shanni Lia Krichli they students participated and won the 3rd place with the product Ecoplant, a flower pot that saves water and time, by watering itself according to the principle of capillaries by using a piece of recycled fabric.