The Ron Vardi Center has a variety of programs. For a quick response, contact the leaders of the programs.

Inquiries regarding registration rules, and payments:

Secretariat – 03-9560741

School Mail – 

Secretariat mail- Efrat – 

Accounting – Dikla –

You can contact the program leaders and consultations directly:

Third and Six grade leader – gifted child program – Moran Lex Carmi –

Fourth and Fifth  grade leader – gifted child program – Nava Ogen –

Third grade Outstanding program & “Giluy-Da’at” (manifests of knwoledge and opinions) leader – Adi Ritter –

Fourth – Seventh grade – Outstanding program, and Lod Campus leader – Tali Lax Tzur – 

“Giluy-Da’at” (manifests of knwoledge and opinions) Consultant – Liza Banjo – 

Consultant – Eliana Almog – 

Consultant – Yara Ben Yitzhak- 

Contact Us

For those interested in a tour of the Model Hall

Eran Asakri  –

to Schedule activity in the FAB-LAB Lab

Adi Ritter –