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Registration for the school year 2020-2021

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At the Ron Vardi center, you will find a variety of programs. For the quickest response, please directly contact the program leaders where your children study/ will study:

-Third grade intellectually gifted program, Sunday morning:
Moran Lax Carmi:

-Lod intellectually gifted program, Sunday morning:

-Third class intellectually gifted program hosted by the excellence program department, Third Grade Outstanding Program -Tuesday afternoon

-Fourth grade intellectually gifted, Thursday morning:

Fifth grade intellectually gifted, Wednesday morning:

Fourth to seventh grade Outstanding Program:

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In order to transfer the tuition fees at the amount of 1600 NIS per year, please fill out the following link:

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For inquiries regarding payments please address to Dikla Ashkenazi :

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The School Staff

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Located by the department for gifted and excelled children

Have you been located by the department for gifted and excelled children?

Contact us at, attach your admission letter and we will contact you shortly.

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Registering to Ron Vardi? Here you may contact us with any question, inquiry, or problem. We’ll be happy to be at your service.

Declaration of Health

Dear parents,

For your convenience, a link to the health declaration is attached in a secured form and a file for print. Please make sure to fill out all the information including the date on which your child attends the center.


The Center Staff

Link to digital health declaration

Parent to child health declaration form for print

Our achievements and collaborations

The working method at the center encourages creation out of the will to learn and the students’ involvement. We do not believe in homework or examinations however we do believe in goal setting. We encourage our students to believe in their abilities, develop an entrepreneurial spirit, and take an active role in their community. We are proud of our pupil’s hard work and the wonderful achievements they have obtained.

Robotics team

Year after year, our school team led by Meital Dumbel wins the world champions in robotics RBOCUP. This year, the competition took place in Australia, and again the students of Ron Vadi picked up the medals: First Prize in the Team Individual category, and first place in the Team Individual as well as First Place in the soccer team in the Super Team category.

"Young Entrepreneurs”

On Tuesday, the students of the “Young Entrepreneurs”, as a part of the “Mind Discovery” program, to the national fair and will compete for the chance to represent Israel at an international fair which will take place in Europe. The students established the “Up Top” company, and throughout the entire year, they developed, marketed, and sold the product as well as created business collaborations. The product developed by the company is called “Scoop” and it holds the shoelaces and prevents them from untying. After being elected from the regional competition which took place at the end of the previous school year, the students invested large efforts into establishing their company and creating business collaborations and successes. Among others, the students created successful collaborations with the Maccabi Rishon LaZion basketball club as well as the Beitar Jerusalem soccer club!

The School for the Gifted School for the Gifted Ron Vardi is one of the largest and most established schools in Israel. It hosts over 1000 excelling students who were chosen by the Ministry of Education as students with the highest studying potential. The nurturing and development activities are between the third and ninth grade, each day for a different grade. During the morning hours, the excelling students study in the special program at their home school. In the afternoon, those excelling students are invited for enrichment courses at the highest educational level. The acquired contents are varied while emphasizing the nurturing of tools and skills, teamwork, and creativity.


Ron Vardi

The School for the Gifted Ron Vardi was founded in 1986 in memory of Ron Vardi, who was killed in Lebanon. Son of Yedidyah and Drorah Vardi, Ron, was born on May 11, 1964, and was a curious child with high autodidactic abilities and many fields of interest. He was active in the scouts and was appointed head of the “Regiment” (*Gdud) in the Sorek branch. Already at the age of 12, he was responsible for the maintenance at the Haviv School Pedagogic Center while beginning his computer studies at the “Noar Shocher” class at the Weizmann Institute. In his memory, the “Haviv” school in Rishon LeZion founded the “Ron Center for the development of gifted children” that serves gifted children in the Rishon LeZion area, third to sixth grade. This school operated for 25 years within the Haviv School, and in 2013 relocated to its new location in Avi Asirim street in the Gan Nachum area.

Why study at our school?

Our courses

We believe in exposing our students to diverse and high-quality content. The studies at the center are divided into semesters and during each semester, the students are exposed to three different courses. Each course emphasizes the development of different abilities of the student such as teamwork, meeting deadlines, rhetorics, and more. During their studies, the students enjoy cutting edge equipment such as laptops, tablets, graphic pens, 3D printers and plotters, laser craves, and more.

Our teachers

Our teachers are first and foremost educators who focus on each and every student, striving to lead them to success while taking each individual into consideration. Our teachers are all experienced professionals coming from varied fields such as arts, computers, sciences, robotics, music, theater, and more. They are all skilled in guiding gifted and excelling students and have extensive experience in their respective fields.


We believe in creating collaborations with external organizations as a part of the main activity. The purpose of these collaborations is to enable our students to be exposed to the industry already in their studies. In addition, a part of these collaborations takes an active place in community life. All those elements advance our students to be social leaders as well as influencers in the industry and society. Among our collaborators: HP indigo, Tza’ad Kadima association, Bama Rishona program, ppl’s, and more…

The Halls of Models

At the School for the Gifted Ron Vardi, there are halls of models that contain more than 150 scientific models demonstrating different physical phenomena.

This place is an experimental and enriching learning center and for the students, teachers, and the wider audience.

The activity integrating scientific models enables the students to incorporate innovative learning methods as well as experimental and scientific learning as a part of their learning process of science.

For the teachers, visiting the halls enables expanding and enriching their teaching methods. The visit will allow the teachers to arrive at the classroom afterward and applying innovative teaching and learning methods in the different disciplines in general and particularly in science.

For the wider audience, the halls can be visited as scientific museums, thus enabling an enjoyable and educating experience.

The halls of models are divided into 2 floors. Each floor contains 3 areas presenting three different fields of physics.

On the first floor, in the turquoise area displays mechanical models, the purple area displays optical models and the blue area displays hydro statistics. On the second floor, the orange area displays models of electricity and magnetism, the red area displays mathematical models, and the green area displays acoustic models.

In the halls, you will find professional and qualified instructors, each with a scientific background.

The Ron Vardi Ambassador Club presents The Ron Vardi Center Alumni Reunion 1986-2017!

Greetings everyone, we would like to hold a yearly reunion for all the Ron Vardi Alumni graduates. We would like to ask for your cooperation in filling out the attached online form and transferring it (exclusively) to other Ron Vardi Alumni!

Thanks, the Ron Vardi Ambassador Club

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