Ron Vardi School for Gifted and Talented Students is the leading Israeli educational institution for nurturing cognitive and creative excellence among school children and young adults.

About Ron Vardi

The son of Drora and Yedidia, born on 11.5.1964 in Rishon Lezion. Ron began his studies in "Haviv" Elementary School and finished it as an honors student. He continued to study in the "Gymnasia Realit" in Rishon Lezion, yet he stopped and applied for the "Bagrut" graduate tests as an external student. Ron was a gifted child. He had many fields of activities and he contributed greatly to society.

In November 1983 he was enrolled to the IDF and volunteered to serve in the "Givati" Brigade. After the initial "Tironut" stage, he was added to the "Shaked" Regiment, and took many courses, among them as a designated marksman.

On August 29th, 1984, he was killed during his service in Lebannon and was brought to eternal rest in the military cemetery in Rishon Lezion. He left parents, a sister and twin brothers.

In his memory, "The Center for the cultivation of gifted children in the name of 'Ron Vardi'" was established in "Haviv" Elementary School, in Rishon Lezion, a place that serves all of Rishon Lezion's gifted children and youth, from 3rd to 9th grade.

About the school

The Ron Vardi School for the Gifted and the Talented was founded in 1986 in the memory of Ron Vardi who was killed in duty as an IDF soldier in the First Lebanon War.

As a Gifted and Talented School, our vision is to promote a culture in which excellence is the main value – personal, social and human excellence. We see our gifted students and our staff as scholastic, pedagogical and social leaders.

We are committed to innovative learning environments. We see ourselves as the forefront of the advanced learning strategies.

From Robotics and App Development to Prose and Painting. From Music and Puppeteering to Astrophysics and Earth Science – Ron Vardi School for the Gifted and the Talented is the fertile ground for the leaders of tomorrow in Science and Technology, Arts and Humanities.

The Teachers, each with expert knowledge, writes the curriculum and creates the unique content. Most teachers make their living in the field they teach.

Our students lead in International and local Competitions across the Country and worldwide especially in robotics and technology thus putting the school and the City of Rishon LeZion in the forefront of educational activities.

The School has 150 scientific models presented in two halls,  which  demonstrate physical phenomena in the fields of mechanics, optics, communications and more. The Models were built by the father of Ron Vardi,  Mr. Yedidia Vardi, from recycled and reclaimed material.

The Scientific Models' Halls